Thursday, June 5, 2008

Support Johnny Romano!!: From Damian Hebert of South Shore:

Johnny Romano, you remember him right? The young man we've kind of
adopted into our industry via the Texas Skate Jam for Make A Wish, is in the hospital...has had three boards with Real Skateboards...almost got shoes with Adio......our Make A Wish kid so to speak....remember him now?

This last week was quite rough for the Romano family...if you want
details contact me and I'll get you the link to their family blog...early
this month it was detected that his cancer came back...then this week he had a reaction/infection as a result to procedure and it push his limits...but
as normal with this young man he shows he has new limits!

Bottom line is he's needing a bone marrow transplant! and soon..
Now you think WHOA! that's not for me...well with my health problems I'm out
as a donor...but you might not be!! again you're like NO WAY! But it's not
that bad anymore...from what Julie told me (you can find this on the <> site) that about 98% of all marrow
donations are done via blood transfusions...not surgery... and you don't
need any shots to find out if you might be an acceptable donor...but there
are shots involved if you are acceptable and go through the procedure...but
why not just see if you can donate!! it wont hurt at all...they just take a
swab sample from inside your mouth...ZERO PAIN!

Or you can just donate blood!!! ok that hurts a little..again I'm
out as a donor, my stupid immune system is screwed up......I can only donate for myself...but you can donate!

Just make sure you donate in the name of Jonathon Romano at Texas
Children's Hospital in Houston! or Just jump in to help others!!! DONATE! If you are interested in helping in a monetary form please contact me and I'll
get you in touch with Mike or Julie...Johnny's parents... and again remember
PRAY for the Romanos!! God's Peace to all....

If you want to send Johnny some well wishes, please do:

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