Thursday, August 28, 2008

Johnny Romano!

How you can help? Please send product/Pictures/art etc sent to:
Kim Cherryhomes
5006 Sherman Blvd
Galveston Island,
Texas 77551·
Phone 409-739-8470

Deadline for Product/Pictures/art Sept 19th

A letter from Kim.

September 27Th, 2008 has been declared “Johnny Romano Day” in Galveston, Texas . We will be hosting a Johnny Kicks Cancer Pro Demo and “Best Trick” skate contest to be held at the Galveston Municipal Skatepark.

We would like to invite YOU to help us make a difference in Johnny’s life by becoming a sponsor for this event.

The cost to be a sponsor is:

$250.00 - This sponsorship level will allow the sponsor to provide a banner flag or banner of size 3 ft tall by 8 foot wide maximum, for our committee to install at the event site on the day of the fundraiser.

$500.00- This sponsorship level will allow the sponsor to provide a banner flag or banner of size 4 foot tall by 8 foot wide maximum, for our event volunteers to install at the event site on the day of the fundraiser.

$1,000.00- This sponsorship level will allow the sponsor to provide a banner flag or banner of size 4 foot tall by 12 foot wide maximum, for our event volunteers to install at the event site on the day of the fundraiser.

Also, we are inviting any Pro or Sponsored Am Skateboarder to be part of our skate demo. Your participation could make a difference in how much money we raise to help with Johnny’s ever growing medical expenses.

ALL proceeds will go directly into the Johnny Romano Medical Fund which was created to support Johnny and his family by alleviating some of the significant financial burden leveled by this disease.

To become a sponsor please contact us at HYPERLINK mail to: or for more information on the benefit please visit HYPERLINK mail to:

or contact:

Kim Cherryhomes


Together we can make a difference in Johnny’s life!!!


Kim Cherryhomes

Thanks for your support.

REBATE, Skateboarding helping skateboarders.

P.S If you have contributed product and or money and you have not already please sent us your company logo, please send to, and we will add you to the supporting companies on our new website.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hello Everyone, REBATE is coming together fast and our official website is almost done. Even though we are not fully up and running, we are moving ahead in helping two fellow skateboarders, Johnny Romano (read below) and Greg Pino.
REBATE's next scheduled event will be at the Brian Brannon SkateRock Challenge on August 15 at the Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest in benefit of Greg Pino. The good folks at Etnies are giving REBATE some space to conduct a YARD SALE of rad skate product to raise some funds and awareness. We will post more info as soon as we get it. In the mean time, Greg's family has started their own fundraising with a chance to win a really cool trip to Hawaii! Click here for more info.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Support Johnny Romano!!: From Damian Hebert of South Shore:

Johnny Romano, you remember him right? The young man we've kind of
adopted into our industry via the Texas Skate Jam for Make A Wish, is in the hospital...has had three boards with Real Skateboards...almost got shoes with Adio......our Make A Wish kid so to speak....remember him now?

This last week was quite rough for the Romano family...if you want
details contact me and I'll get you the link to their family blog...early
this month it was detected that his cancer came back...then this week he had a reaction/infection as a result to procedure and it push his limits...but
as normal with this young man he shows he has new limits!

Bottom line is he's needing a bone marrow transplant! and soon..
Now you think WHOA! that's not for me...well with my health problems I'm out
as a donor...but you might not be!! again you're like NO WAY! But it's not
that bad anymore...from what Julie told me (you can find this on the <> site) that about 98% of all marrow
donations are done via blood transfusions...not surgery... and you don't
need any shots to find out if you might be an acceptable donor...but there
are shots involved if you are acceptable and go through the procedure...but
why not just see if you can donate!! it wont hurt at all...they just take a
swab sample from inside your mouth...ZERO PAIN!

Or you can just donate blood!!! ok that hurts a little..again I'm
out as a donor, my stupid immune system is screwed up......I can only donate for myself...but you can donate!

Just make sure you donate in the name of Jonathon Romano at Texas
Children's Hospital in Houston! or Just jump in to help others!!! DONATE! If you are interested in helping in a monetary form please contact me and I'll
get you in touch with Mike or Julie...Johnny's parents... and again remember
PRAY for the Romanos!! God's Peace to all....

If you want to send Johnny some well wishes, please do:

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Message from Bryan


This story is true and I need a place to say it. My name is Bryan Farabegoli, I got my first skate board in the late 70’s. Through skateboarding I met many of my life long friends. When I found out I had a brain tumor they instantly pulled together and had a benefit for me at Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville, Florida.

I went to Coco Beach with Buck Smith there I met Mike Rogers founder of “GRIND FOR LIFE”. A man that has fought cancer twice he has been a great help getting me through these tough times.

Roger Harrell told me about “REBATE” an organization that him and Steve Douglas were doing to help skaters in need. They acted quickly. Product donations were sent to Skatelab Jacksonville Beach where they were auctioned at the Old Mill Bowl Jam, awesome skating and a great time.

I am writing this to let everyone know that these organizations and skaters have helped me survive. They really are there for us. Please let all of us skaters do our part to help the next in need.

Along with these great organizations the American Cancer Society set me up with a ride to radiation five days a week for 6 weeks bringing me there, waiting with me, an taking me home. What a great heart all these people have!

All these things have made me a lucky man. To know that there are so many great people in this crazy world we live in.

Everyone’s generosity has meant so much.

Thank you,

Bryan Farabegoli

Saturday, April 12, 2008


REBATE IS A COALITION OF SKATEBOARDERS DEDICATED To providING members of the skateboarding family support, encouragement, and financial assistance in times of crisis. REBATE MEMBERS are able to activate the skateboard industry AND COMMUNITY to help take care of one-ANOTHER using their unique resources.

Friday, April 11, 2008

REBATE/PhxAm Lee Bender Weekend!

We had an amazing weekend at the Cowtown PhxAm Contest/AfterParty! We raised about $1500 to give to Lee. Here are some pics of the booth and some art at the after party. Thank you again to everyone who donated to the cause.

The REBATE booth at a brief moment with no one there.

One of the sign up sheets for the silent auction.

The Gobberilla reppin' Lee Bender style.

Rob Locker taking a quick breather from the REBATE booth.

Bucky Miller of Brmiley manning the veggie burgers and Ryan Lay of Rasa Libre taking care of the meat eaters at the Brim-LEE-Q.

Some of the art from the Cowtown/AZPX After Party.