Saturday, April 12, 2008


REBATE IS A COALITION OF SKATEBOARDERS DEDICATED To providING members of the skateboarding family support, encouragement, and financial assistance in times of crisis. REBATE MEMBERS are able to activate the skateboard industry AND COMMUNITY to help take care of one-ANOTHER using their unique resources.


Sierra Michelle said...

Dear Rebate Skateboarders,

Thank you for setting up this space where fellow passionate skateboarders can turn to in times of support and crisis.

My 16 year old nephew also enjoyed this sport. He has left behind a single mother, 17 yr. old sister and 9 year old brother. Sunday April 19th he fell off his new longboard that he received from his mother for his 16th birthday on April 6th. He wasn't on a was down the block from where he lived. No one saw his fall. He thought he broke his right arm. Got onto a curb (that's where they found him) phoned his mother and was brought to Kaiser South San Francisco emergency room. He started complaining of his right side hurting. It took emergency room staff a while to address his complaints. He started complaining louder. They finally did a CT scan (almost two hours later) and saw he had internal bleeding. He was on the operating room for almost 8 hours. He had punctured a lung and lacerated his liver. They left him open as they couldn't sew up the liver due to inflammation. He coded red @ 3 am when his kidneys failed. They recusitated him and put him on a dialysis machine. Later that day (4/20) he went back into the OR room to sew up the liver. It wouldn't stop bleeding. They investigated further to find a severed artery in his liver. They didn't have the equipment to seal it but wanted to transfer him to S.F. where the equipment was located. They told us he needed to stabilize to survive the transfer. His liver kept bleeding, they kept giving him blood transfusions. 5 hours later he died.

I am now searching for financial support for my nephew's family - his single mother and two siblings. The expense of a proper burial, the expenses lost from his mom not being at work. The expense of healing support for the mother and siblings. We as a family are doing all we can do to support them. Economically we are not a well to do family. We are all working class filipino americans. Do you know of any organizations that can offer some kind of financial support? I am happy to provide paperwork, copy of death certificate or to go that extra mile for proof of crisis.

Sierra Michelle Knolle

Corinna Pedro said...

My son David was diagnosed with a germinoma brain tumor. Skate boarding is his life. He starts radiation treatments this week which will last for 6 weeks daily. He has some medical costs that are not covered by insurance and they also want to send him to NYC to see a specialist. His insurance will not cover the cost of NYC and I am a single mom of 3, a nurse, but i have lost so much time at work because of his illness. We really need help. We are trying to get qa benefit going for him but we are not even sure where to begin. If anyone can help you can contact me at Thanks, Corinna Pedro